Why use mesh in render systems ?

Fibre glass mesh is an essential part of our render systems. Fibreglass mesh is a key component that holds the system together. Without it your missing out on strength and are more liable to cracking.

Mesh is made from fibreglass this type of mesh is widely used in rendering. For wall reinforcement, external wall insulation and waterproofing.

Fibreglass mesh sits usually in the base coat of any system. This is the layer that beds the render to the substrate. Mesh not only offers high strength. It also prevents cracking within the render. It also helps to hold insulation boards together in a EWI system.

Mesh should always be overlapped. During weather and changing temperatures houses expand and contract minutely. Due to the heating and cooling processes.

When installing a render system it’s essential to consider house movement. To ensure the system remains crack free as possible. Embedding mesh in this way enhances crack resistance. With overlapping it increases the flexibility of the whole system. It also ensure no cracks form between any gaps present.