Thin Coat Render

Thin coat render is a modern coloured render finish. Very flexible and less crack resistant.  Breathe able and available in different grain sizes and any colour. Applied as the finish part of the system. Comes pre mixed by manufactures of choice.


Silicone thin coat is most popular . Premium modern and sleek. With its hydrophobic properties meaning is less likely to attract dirt, algae and staining. Available by numerous manufactures with many different colours.


Acrylic render is very similar to silicone. With high colour pigment and flexibility. Still having hydrophobic properties but not as much as the silicone


Mineral thin coat is ideal for colder conditions as it’s a fast setting polymer render made for lower temperatures. Available in numerous colours.

Due to the application process we believe that the thin coat systems are currently the best on the market. With any colour flexibility, algae properties and anti cracking.  As the final process of the system including a flat undercoat fully meshed . A thin coat system will last for many years to come