Damp – Spotting the signs

Have you ever noticed the wallpaper peeling back in places? Or the paint work flaking off the walls at home. Not to worry approved plastering systems are here to help. With tell tale signs and ways to prevent it.

If you do notice damp issues it is also better to deal with problem sooner rather than later. As the issue will only get worse as time goes on. Damp cannot only damage the decoration it can also damage your property structurally meaning more expensive costly repairs.

There can be a number of reasons behind the damp problem. It is essential to identify the correct source of the issue. In order to provide the correct treatment. It could be riding damp, penetrating damp or just all over condensation throughout your home.


If you already have a damp proof course installed yet your still suffering with damp. It could be due to something preventing the dpc doing its job. To check if you have one look out for line usually inches above the ground level on external of the property. The dpc maybe a physical one such as a membrane or a chemical one. This can usually be identified by visible holes. If the path, drive or garden is higher then the dpc it will make the course ineffective. Another possible cause of damp is a weakening structure. Such as faulty pointing, cracked rendering or brickwork. Overtime brickwork can become porous also letting damp in. Other frequent causes can be missing or full gutters and down pipes. Missing or loose flashing. Cracked or missing roof tiles. Flat roofs can also be a cause if not properly sealed.

These are just some of the tell tale signs to look for. As ignoring them will make the problem worse over time. There are a variety of solutions we provide. If you feel you need your property inspecting please do not hesitate to get in touch.