Robin nook , wrightington – lime render system from fassa Bortfolio

First port of call was to sheet up all drives, soffits etc. on this particular job we couldn’t fully sheet up the windows. As they had been sprayed and taping them would leave a high risk of pulling the paint off the frames. This made the job a lot harder as we had to clean as we went and was a lot more time consuming. So are advice would be have your windows sprayed after rendering works are finished.

The front , gable and back needed knocking off. The front had wooden slats that needed to be removed. The timbers were rotten . The house was knocked off with kangoos. The gable was in a very poor state. It was that bad we could pull off big sheets with our hands alone. The key reasons for this was all vents were blocked, it was smooth brick with no slurry applied. Also it was a cement render on an old lime mortar house. The house couldn’t breathe at all. The internal walls were holding damp as there was nowhere for moisture to escape. The external had completely failed.

The only system we could recommend for a property like this would be fully lime based. The product we used was from fassa This is done in 5 different stages. Also leaving an adequate curing time for the lime basecoat to dry properly. When the last stage ( silicone thincoat applied) was dry. We could then pull up all sheets . Putting them in the skip. Fix the drainpipes back to the wall. Then have a full clean up. Wiping down windows, soffits and doors. Then finally having a full spray of the flags to leave the job as clean as possible. The colour we used was AR10 from the fassa Bortfolio brochure.