Lime system with full silicone topcoat

This property was suffering with issues due to the cavity wall insulation. Also it had a full cement render on that was trapping the moisture. Making the existing render hollow and failed. The householder decided that getting the failed cavity wall insulation removed was the correct option. Which we fully agree with. With the property being near 100 years old we decided lime was the best way to go.
First port of call as always is to sheet up everything. Driveway , windows etc also putting up temporary gutters to keep the rain water from running down the wall.
Then to hack off the existing render. Which was done carefully with a breaker. Making sure to carry wooden boards around to catch as much rubble as possible .
The mullions  needed repairing. We scraped the loose paint, sealed the area with a primer. Fixed all holes  and  returns to keep the original shape. Primed in colour and sprayed with silicone texture.
Once the rubble was collected and chucked in the skip. We needed to apply a slurry coat. This was done hand applied and scratched for key. The product was fassa s650.
Beading was next plumbed up with a laser level where ever visible and spirit levels . Beads was stuck on with the material we was using and not grip fill.
We were then ready to spray the base coat the product was fassa k13. It was sprayed with our machine in two passes . With reinforcing mesh close to the surface to prevent cracks. The basecoat was ruled flat , sponged and trowelled .
Once the curing process had took place we then primed the basecoat in colour . With the mullions a different colour to show a nice contrast.
We was then ready for texture. This was applied with our thin coat spray set up. Sprayed on for a nice even finish.
The big clean up next . All window sheets removed. Drainpipes fixed , soffits, fascia boards cleaned. Sheeting up off the driveway. With a full power wash to leave the job as clean as possible.
Thanks to the customers for warm hospitality and looking after us with brews and biscuits.