Giving your home a facelift

Is 2021 They Year To Give Your Home A Facelift?

Does your property looks dated? Maybe your home is suffering with damp issues. Maybe your home just looks unsightly etc etc etc……..

Rendering is a great way to transform the look your property. As well as adding an insulation layer and making the home water tight. There are loads of different renders out there. The two render systems we recommend the most are.

Silicone thin coat system

A silicone thin coat render has a typical build up of. Primer (if needed)two layers of base coat with reinforced mesh. Followed by primer in colour of choice. Then the silicone thin coat in colour of choice. We readily recommend this. Not only does it look great it has anti fungal properties and is designed to be ready for the elements. Meaning it’s far more low maintenance for a longer lasting job. 

Lime render system

A lime render system is a system we seem to be coming across more and more recently. If your property is of a certain age. It could of been built in lime mortar. Meaning that your house is designed to be breathe-able. Which makes it essential to have a lime render system. A cement based render on a lime mortar building can have a disastrous effect. Trapping moisture causes damp issues internally as well as externally.  

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