Fassa Lime Render

This project was an old farmhouse that was originally built in the 1800s. The customer had already knocked off the existing render which had failed. With the age of the property lime render was the ideal system for this one. The customer wanted to keep the character on this one so need beads were allowed. Everything was freehand angles and returns.

After all the floor was sheeted. Windows sheeted. Drainpipes removed and replaced with plastic gutter tubes. We we’re ready to render.

The first coat we had to apply was the slurry s650. This is a tight rough coat for key and also to get the background suction the same.

We next had to apply a dub coat. With this being an old stone build nothing was plumb or true. Plenty of k1710 was used and scratched for key.

Next we put on the k1710 basecoat ruled to the correct thickness. This coat had full reinforced mesh at the surface with stress patches on weak areas.

Then we were ready for s605 a skim coat. This coat is trowelled flat to leave a flat finish.

After allowing the correct curing time. It was ready for primer this was applied with brush and rollers .

The next part was to apply the full silicone rsr 421. The silicone is applied with a trowel then rubbed up with a plastic float in a circular motion.

Finally was the big clean up. Pulling off all tapes , windows and floor putting in the skip. Wipe and wash windows and hose down all areas.

All in all this was a great job to do. Keeping the character on the building was an enjoyable challenge. It was great to get away from doing the standard sharp , clean lines. We estimated 8tonnes of materials went into this.