Why Use a professional renderer?

Working as a rendering company throughout the north west. We get to see a lot of different jobs. Ranging from the good the bad and the terrible. Often we get asked to pick up the pieces that other people have started. Often this can be more costly then doing the job from the start in the 1st place.

Things to consider when hiring renderer


Rendering takes years of hard training and skill to perfect the art of the craft. Many problems can occur on a rendering job you have got to know how to deal with, sort and get the job right.

Using the right methods:

Depending on what finish is required you need to know the correct methods for the job in hand. Numerous jobs we see have only been rendered recently but caution was not used. So cracks develop or hollow spots. This could be down to a number of factors. The mix has to be correct. We believe at APS that embedded mesh is essential on any render job we do. This prevents cracking and gives the best chance for a long lasting job.


Rendering is a messy job. Steps can be taken to prevent much of the mess made. Taping up windows. Sheeting the floor, sheeting fascia boards to say a few. Washing drives on completion are just some of the steps we use.

Track record:

Does the company you hire have a good portfolio of previous work. Sometimes word of mouth is not enough. Rendering is usually quite a big job. So it’s worth looking at previous projects. Website, Facebook and instagram is a good way to visually see previous work


Reviews can make or break a company it’s worth reading each one so you know what to expect. It’s also a good way to see how busy the company is. As there must be a reason why the renderer are busy most of the time.

Cheapest is not always the best:

Anyone can cut corners to make the job pay. Is the workmanship up to standard?. In our experience we have found you can’t cut any corners to achieve a quality built to last rendering job.