Rendering (K Rend)

Rendering is an external plastering of your property. That protects your home from the elements and done correctly will add value to your home.

There are many different types and render finishes available in today’s market. From the traditional sand/ cement to the modern coloured renders to the acrylic insulated systems. In this blog we concentrate on the product range we use from K-Rend.

K- Rend k1/FT

K Rend can be hand or machine applied. Colour pigmented throughout meaning the product will not need to be painted.K Rend renders provide a low maintenance, weather resistant, hard wearing an attractive finish to your home. Incorporating the silicone technology that allows the structure to be more breathable.

K Rend thin coat renders

Tc 15



A high performance decorative finish. For applications on prepared substrate or EWI systems. Adds insulating properties whilst coming in a variety of 20 colours.

Mineral renders



Requires addition of water 10 minutes mixing time. Comes in 4 colours and is suitable for light weight systems

Silicone roughcast

This is done in two coats firstly applying the dash receiver. Followed by the silicone roughcast. The product comes in a range of colours and offers excellent water repellent additives.

HPX Base

All k rend finished need a basecoat with HPX it can be used on unusual substrates. Giving greater flexibility and adhesion

Hp12 Base

Uses polymer technology to create a cost effective basecoat. With great performance on dense suctions. It has increased water resistance and adhesion.

There are many different manufacturers of modern render systems. K rend we feature on this blog tends to be the most popular. The others we use Weber Wetherby Sps Envirowall Sto Kilsaran

Here at Approved Plastering Systems we have the vast knowledge and experience to deliver the render of your choice