How to prepare prior to plasterwork

Plastering is not one of the cleanest home improvements. To be frank it is a messy job. There are lots of steps to be taken prior to plastering. Preparation is key and can make or break a job. This blog is based on an example of a standard living room with a carpet down to be fully plastered. The room is completely empty with all furniture and appliances removed.

Carpet Protector:

A very important job is to lay down the carpet protector. This is great material it sticks very well and is waterproof. Also it’s worth putting it down to the entrance of the building so plasters not walked through the property.

Window protection:

Sheeting up windows does take that extra bit of time at the beginning of the job. We find it makes a huge difference at the end. There is nothing worse then constantly cleaning the window when the plasters set. It’s very time consuming and there is a risk you could damage the window.

Sheeting up woodwork and fire surrounds:

When plaster hits wood you can wipe down when wet but sometimes a stain can appear. We find masking tape is a great way to stop splashes getting on the wood. We do this on skirting boards, architraves etc. Fire surrounds need that extra bit of care. Plastic sheets we find are a good way to protect with tape to hold in place.

Shoe overalls:

When plastering starts it’s a wet trade. You can have everything sheeted up perfectly. When you go to and fro the van footprints appear on the drive or where you park. With shoe overalls they take a matter of seconds to put on but saves all the cleaning at the end.

This is a simple and effective guide .it does take the extra time at the start. We find it’s well worth the effort as the job at the end as it’s a doodle to clean. Preparation is definitely key and done correctly makes the job a lot easier

Shaun and Daniel

Approved Plastering Systems.